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Sports Medicine and Physician Services

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Sports Medicine & Physician Services-Sage Creek clinic

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The inMotion Network is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Christa Mason as director of Physician Services. sports medicine Winnipeg-inMotion NETWORK

Dr. Mason did her medical training at the University of Manitoba.  She began her clinical career in sports medicine, and then expanded to include family medicine.  Her practice then evolved into occupational and workplace injuries, where she has spent the past 16 years working in these fields. 

She is now returning to clinical practice, planning to use her experience and perspective from those areas to work with patients to achieve better health through a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach.

Consultation Physician  services will be offered for all inMotion patients and to the general public.  The intent is for Dr. Mason to be our “in-house” physician and utilized when physician services are needed.  Quick access to her services without delay will expedite patient care and allow seemless correspondance with reffering professionals.


  • Assessment and management of sports injuries / musculoskeletal conditions
  • Motor vehicle and Workplace injury assessment and management
  • Concussion management and non-concussive head injuries
  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Driver’s medicals
  • Joint injections
  • Chronic and acute pain management
  • Form completion (Return to work, CPP, Handicap and other third party forms)

sports clinic Winnipeg-inMotion NETWORK

Dr. Mason's philosophy is to educate patients so they understand their conditions and can learn to manage them on their own.  She gravitates towards a team approach and will work with physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, and other alternative treatments for best patient outcomes.

Exercise and activity will be key components of all treatment plans. Treating the "whole patient" and involving all aspects of good health: diet, exercise, sleep, emotions and not just treating a "body part" will be Dr. Mason's focus.

Patients can be referred for investigations such as blood work, xrays, CT's, MRI's, ultrasound, etc as needed. Referrals can be made to specialists as needed.

sports medicine clinic Winnipeg-inMotion NETWORK

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