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The Clinic

Sage Creek Physiotherapy is part of the inMotion Network of Physiotherapy Clinics and More, a group of well-established Manitoba-based physiotherapy clinics and related health care services. Our network provides a high standard of care consistent across our locations and services.  Sage Creek staff, both professional and support, are very experienced  and will meet or exceed your expectations in customer service.

Sage Creek is the latest addition to the inMotion Network and was established in March 2017. With recent closures of hospital-based physiotherapy departments and the demand for local service, we are pleased to announce a proposed expansion of the clinic. Plans include the addition of private massage rooms, more physiotherapy treatment rooms, larger gym space and a lounge area for patients to gather before and after treatment.  

We are also extremely excited about the recent introduction of

Chiropractic Care


Sports Medicine and Physician Services

Dr. Edison Arauz and Dr. Christa Mason will be directing chiropractic and sports medicine services respectively.  Both practitioners are experienced in the delivery of musculoskeletal care and are accepting new patients.

  • Community involved
  • State of the art equipment
  • Convenient hours of service
  • A caring and supportive environment
  • Innovative services and unique programs
  • Skilled, caring and experienced therapists

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