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 Acute Care Management

image of acute care management at inMotion Network

Acute injury management of all soft tissue injuries (ie. swollen sprained knee or ankle) is offered. We will attempt to accommodate patients by providing immediate assessment if scheduling permits. Treatment may include the application of protective bracing, bandaging and splinting, ice, interferential current, laser therapy, and/or pneumatic intermittent compression.

 Electrotherapeutic Modalities 

image of electrotherapeutic modalities at inMotion Network

Various modalities including ultrasound, low intensity laser therapy and electrical neurostimulation will be utilized in the treatment of pain, muscular weakness and swelling.

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Laser Therapy (Low Intensity Laser)

image of laser therapy at inMotion Network

Therapeutic laser delivers a focused beam of light energy photons that are absorbed selectively by injured cells and transformed into biochemical energy in the mitochondria of the cells. The effect is photochemical. The converted energy stimulates production of new proteins needed for cellular repair of injured soft tissue. Excellent modality for wound healing, anti-inflammatory application and pain control.

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Exercise Programs 

image of exercise programs at inMotion Network

A customized individualized exercise program can be created for your needs. This can be accomplished with the following parameters:

  • Avoiding injuries or rehabilitating an existing injury
  • Improving cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscle toning
  • Strengthening
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Medical considerations such as diabetes, heart disease & osteoperosis

The physiotherapy staff will constuct a program for at home or within the clinic depending upon your needs. The program will be formulated with or without equipment, again depending upon your personal situation & needs.

For a personalized example of an online exercise program our physiotherapists offer to our patients, click the link below:

Get Your Personalized Exercise Program Here.

Program name: Trunk Stabilization Program

Manual/Manipulative Therapy

image of manual/manipulative therapy at inMotion Network

Manual therapy involves the treatment of various orthopedic conditions by the use of a physiotherapist's hands. This may include therapist-assisted stretches, joint mobilizations and manipulations, local soft tissue massage and acupressure myofacial release.  Manipulative therapy is performed by physiotherapists with advanced training in orthopedics. 

Massage Therapy

image of massage therapy at inMotion Network

Local massage techniques are often incorporated into an individualized treatment program. Site specific therapeutic or relaxation soft tissue massage and acupressure techniques may be performed by licensed physiotherapists.

Mechanical Traction

image of mechanical traction at inMotion Network

A mechanical traction unit provides the ability to longitudinally stretch the neck and low back. The technique is comfortable and often utilized for the treatment of various spinal conditions including disc protrusions, degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis.

Strengthening and Cardio Training

The gymnasium area of the clinic houses state of the art aerobic and strengthening equipment, this includes upright bikes, recumbent bikes, upper body cycle, elliptical, motorized variable speed/grade treadmill and a multi-user variable resistance exercise station and therapy balls. Often resisted or aerobic exercise is utilized in a patient's physiotherapy treatment regime.

Neurological Rehabilitation

image of Neurological Rehabilitation at inMotion Network

Neurologic conditions such as Stroke or Acquired Brain Injury often lead to significant physical impairments resulting in life altering changes in functional ability. inMotion NETWORK is able to provide intensive rehab for clients who have suffered a stroke or acquired brain injury or for those who are living with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS or other neurological conditions.

Treatments will be highly individualized to the patient’s needs and could include but are not limited to: development of specific exercise programs to facilitate motor recovery, SAEBO training (, gait re-education, pain management, cardiovascular endurance retraining, and task specific functional training activities.

Programming will be geared towards the client’s specific goals and can be available at local rural hospitals, at the clinic or within the home dependent upon scheduling and patient needs.

Athletic and Kinesio Taping

Protective taping, tensoring and bandaging services and supplies are available for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Often athletes requiring "extra" support require taping in order to facilitate earlier return to activity.  Kinesio taping as demonstrated in the picture above, is a relatively newer taping technique that has several neurophysiological effects on the tissue dependent upon how its applied. Kinesio tape can inhibit muscle tone, facilitate muscle activity, reduce swelling and support injured tissue dependent on the tension and direction the tape is applied.

TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint) Dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction is a disorder involving the mechanics of the jaw. The temperomandibular joint (TMJ), like any other joint in the body, can develop joint arthritic problems or be negatively influenced by muscle imbalances, whiplashes or extensive clenching of the teeth. Often these patients are referred from local dentists or oral surgeons from Winnipeg for the treatment of TMJ dysfunctions.

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